CINRAM at the 2013 North American Agroforestry Conference


Research and Assess the Farmer and MnDOT Economic and Environmental Costs and Benefits of Living Snow Fences, Including Carbon Impacts

Environmental Effects of Woody Biomass - UMN Extension Fact Sheets

Minnesota River Basin and Elm Creek water quality


CINRAM at the 2011 North American Agroforestry Conference


AFTA 2005 Proceedings




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  • Proceedings from the 1998 Specialty Forest Products/Forest Farming Conference.
    This publication provides a complete collection of papers presented at the Farming the Forest for Specialty Products conference held in Minneapolis, MN, in October of 1998. Papers include in these proceedings are from nationally known experts in various aspects of forest farming and/or specialty forest products from the US and Canada. Specific topics addressed in the proceedings include growing ginseng and other medicinal products under natural shade, growing and marketing hazelnuts and walnuts, and many other topics.

Publications available from the Commission for Environmental Cooperation of North America

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