Short Rotation Crops International Collaboration

This conference material and resourses came from the international research conference held August 18-22, 2008 at the Holiday Inn International Airport Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA.

The goal of this conference was to initiate and provide opportunities for scientific exchange and full integration of the science and application of producing BOTH agricultural AND forest crops for biofuels, bioenergy, and bioproducts; thus resulting in greater integration and faster advancement of common underlying science and application. There is a substantial global need for development of such systems and technologies for the sustainability of short rotation crops across multiple temporal and spatial scales. This conference offered an international forum for discussion and scientific exchange about methods for overcoming barriers to economically and sustainably producing large quantities of biofuels, bioenergy, and bioproducts.

Conference Materials

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Final Announcement

General Technical Report-NRS-P-31

Addendum Abstracts

Full Attendee List

Conference Powerpoint Presentations:


  • IEA Bioenergy Task 30 Short Rotation Crops: Welcome to Conference
    Ian Nicholas, IEA

 Plenary Session I – Putting Energy in Perspective

Plenary Session II – Putting Energy in Perspective

Plenary Session III – A Global Perspective on Bioenergy

Concurrent Session I: Implications of Sustainable Biofuels
A. Breeding and Genetics
B. Woody Production Systems
C. Production System Logistics
D. Ecosystem Services
E. Bioenergy Production Systems I

Concurrent Session II: Implications of Sustainable Biofuels
A. Social Factors and Policy Issues
B. Costs and Operational Feasibility
C. Phytotechnologies
D. Bionergy Production Systems II

Special Session I: Herbaceous Biomass: State of the Art

Special Session II: Woody Biomass: State of the Art

Special Session III – Panel Discussion – Sustainable Bioenergy Production Systems: Feast, Famine, or Folly for the Producer

Closing Remarks – Bryce Stokes



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Organization name: Bioenergy Australia
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Organization name: Centre for Northern Agroforestry and Afforestation
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Organization name: Council on Sustainable Biomass Production
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Title of webpage: Council on Sustinable Biomass Production

Organization name: DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Contact Person: Mark Downing
Title of webpage: BFIN (Biofuels Information Network)

Organization name: Federal Interagency Woody Biomass Utilization Group
Contact Person: Marcia Patton-Mallory
Title of webpage: Woody Biomass Utilization Group

Organization name: IEA Bioenergy Task 30 Short Rotation Crops for Bioenergy Systems
Contact Person: Goran Berndes
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Organization name: Short Rotation Woody Crops Operations Working Group
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Organization name: State University of New York- College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Contact Person: Larry Abrahamson, Larry Smart, Timothy Volk
Title of webpage: Willow for Bioenergy and Environmental Applications

Organization name: Sun Grant Association
Contact Person: James Doolittle, South Dakota State University
Title of webpage: Sun Grant/DOE Regional Feedstock Partnerships

Organization name: Sustainable Futures Institute, Michigan Technological University
Contact Person: John Sutherland, David Shonnard, and Jane Zhang
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Contact Person: Tom Voigt
Title of webpage: Miscanthus at the University of Illinois

Organization name: USDA Forest Service & Natural Resources Conservation
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Title of webpage: USDA National Agroforestry Center

Organization name: US Forest Service
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