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January, 2009: Ordering Eco Palms just got easier! A new ordering site is launched at

February 07, 2008: Palm Sunday Goes Green. With “eco-palms,” parishes can help protect the environment and promote economic justice during Palm Sunday. Several organizations, including Catholic Relief Services (CRS), are promoting Guatemalan and Mexican palms that are harvested in a worker- and forest-friendly way. Specifically, eco-palm workers are rewarded for the quality, not quantity, of palms they harvest, and they work to minimize damage to the forest where the palms grow. Read More >>>

February 06, 2008: Eco-Palm Project makes environmental, social justice part of Palm Sunday celebrations. [Episcopal News Service] Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem, accented by the jubilant waving of palm fronds, is re-enacted each Palm Sunday in Christian congregations worldwide as the observance of Holy Week begins. Read More >>>

April 2, 2007: Churches Begin to Go Green for Palm Sunday. It is a multi-million dollar business, it is threatening the worlds forests and rare bird populations, it stems from a procession of peace... it is Palm Sunday and churches around the world are beginning to do something about it. Read More >>>

March 29, 2007: US Churches go 'Green' for Palm Sunday. SIERRA MORENA, Mexico, — Clutching a tiny knife in his big calloused hands, Laizon Corzo wound his way through the thick foliage in one of southern Mexico’s forested areas in search of living treasures. Read More >>> or here

Baltimore, February 10, 2006 — Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem was accented by the jubilant waving of palm branches and is re-enacted each Palm Sunday in Lutheran and other Christian congregations worldwide as the observance of Holy Week begins. Unfortunately, for the communities where these palms are harvested, palm fronds do not always represent the same jubilation they do for us. Read More >>>

October 5, 2005: Santa Elena de Petén, Guatemala -- The weekly export of jade palm fronds from the forest communities of Uaxactún and Carmelita, in northern Guatemala, is a big step toward sustainable natural resource management and community development in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Read more >>>

Sunday, March 20, 2005: Palm Sunday Initiatives Aim At Helping Environment: With a sprinkling of holy water, a priest blessed thousands of palm seedlings in a ceremony in Bogota's main park, sealing an unusual Palm Sunday pact between the Roman Catholic Church and environmentalists to save a critically endangered parrot. Read more >>>

MONTREAL, 2 April 2004: As Christians prepare to celebrate Palm Sunday this weekend, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) and Rainforest Alliance are reminding parishioners about the unsustainable practices often used to harvest the 30 million Chamaedorea palm fronds delivered to Canadian and United States churches. Read more >>>