CINRAM at the 2011 North American Agroforestry Conference



Establishment of perennial alley cropping systems on riparian agricultural soils for biomass production and ecosystem services (PDF7.4 MB)

Gamble, J.; Johnson, G.; Sheaffer, C.C.; Current, D.; Wyse, D.


Living snowfence payment calculator (PDF4.2 MB)

Wyatt, G.; Zamora, D.; Current, D.; Taff, S.; Gullickson, D.; Paudel, D.; Schroeder, S.; Smith, D., Knight, J.; Kilberg, D.


Riparian forest buffers for trout habitat improvement (PDF 7.5 MB)

Bongard, P.; Wyatt, G.; Nerbonne, B.; Becker, B.


Innovative agroforestry systems for biofuel production and more sustainable landscapes: Green lands, Blue Waters in Minnesota (PDF 1.6 MB)

Current, D.; Meschke, L.; Brooks, K.; Sheaffer, C.; Wyse, D.; Warner, R.




Riparian forest buffers for trout habitat improvement (PDF 9.5 MB)

Wyatt, G.


Landowner constraints to the adoption of perennial biofuel crops (PDF 1 MB)

Schulman, C.; Smith, D.; Current, D.; Meschke, L.; Becker, D.


Using non-timber forest product markets to drive conservation and community development: the case of Eco-palms in southern Mexico and northern Guatemala

(PDF 3.3 MB) Current, D.


Landownwer constraints to the adoption of living snow fences (PDF 1.3 MB)

Smith, D.; Current, D.; Schroeder, S.; Paudel, D.; Wyatt, G.; Zamora, D.




Economic, Transportation, and Environmental Benefits of Living Snow Fences

Smith, D.


Willingness of Agricultural Landowners to Supply Perennial Energy Crops

Smith, D.; Schulman, C.; Current, D.